Friday, April 30, 2010

Stacey's First Cricut Project

Okay, we live near St Louis so, of course, we're Cardinals fans ... last Tuesday, my daughter went to the Cardinals/Braves game with a couple of friends who are Braves fans. She felt the need to explain herself on her T-shirt. Check out her iPhone-in-the-bathroom-mirror self-portrait! This is her first Cricut project and she's pretty proud of herself. I'm amazed at how well the Cricut cut fabric ... very cool. The font she used is Opposites Attract.
By the way, the Cards beat the Braves, 5 to 4.


MJR said...

Nice to have another Cards fan. I live in St Charles. Go Cards!!!

Lois Yates said...

I love your shirt. My husband and I were born in Belleville, Il. and now we live near Atlanta. I will have to remember this shirt because we are die hard Carndinal fans. If you could only see our game room. It is filled with Cardinal stuff from the 50's on.
Thanks for sharing.