Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog Awards!!

I received this blog award from Cassandra and Jennifer ... how sweet!! 
Click on their names to visit their wonderful blogs.

To accept this award, I'm to tell you eight things about myself. Here goes:
     1. I'm tall ... 6ft to be exact, but when people ask, I tell them I'm 5' 12".
     2. My husband and I are military retirees. We retired from the US Air Force in 1994, which means
         we've been retired almost as long as we were on active duty. Time really does fly.    
     3. Yellow is my favorite color.
     4. My family and I lived in Germany for three years (1988 to 1991) and absolutely loved it!
     5. I love a good nap.
     6. I'm the accounting chairperson for a Relay for Life committee.
     7. Cherry Dr. Pepper is my newest addiction.
     8. I'm the youngest of six children.
Now, I'm passing this award on to:
     1. Heather at
     2. Katie at
     3. Dawn at
     4. Sarah at
     5. Tracy at
     6. Sharette at
     7. Jeannie at
     8. Carol at

Be sure to visit these blogs ... I know you'll be inspired!


Crafting Katie said...

Jo, congrats on your blog award, and thank you so much for passing it on to me! I'm so honored! I love your work, especially that baby card with the giraffe on the onesie! Your blog is super cute too! I think we must have used the same designer!

Anonymous said...

Jo, Thank you so much for choosing to pass the award on to me!! I have never recieved an award before! I will definitely be doing like you and passing the award along to my readers. I'll be checking out your blog more often, because I'm now a follower!!

Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

I was already a follower!! I thought I was but for some reason it wasn't showing up as me following you! So forget that last sentence! I have been following :)

I look forward to reading lots more from you Jo!

Jeannie Phillips said...

Thank you Jo so much for my touches my heart!!..I miss all my card buddies...but I am having so much fun with my looms and my new toy, my spinning wheel...

Your cards are looking just amazing, amazing..they always have been but they have a new touch that I love!!