Friday, February 4, 2011

So, We Got a Little Snow ...

... 23" on the back deck!

On Thursday afternoon, 
my daughter and I decided it was time to dig out. 

Check out our helpers:



Sharon said...

I totally should have gotten a picture but we couldn't even get out the front door at my house. When I opened my door and then went to open the screen door I had to laugh because the drift had snow clear up the door it covered 3/4 of the door. I tried pushing it open just to be funny and it was quite funny! We fortunately have a porch on the side of the house and even thought there was snow up in the porch up to past the ankles we were able to get out that way snd step down into what was snow that went clear up past my knees almost to half my upper leg! Talk about snow! Yes I'm not sure where you are but I aware half the stated got plummeted! I'm in Wisconsin. It's fun now though! I took my boys sledding today!

Saints Rule! said...

That is the funniest clip! My Saint Bernards love snow! They would be digging like crazy..... lol